Did you know that your mind is more powerful than your body?
It has been determined that there are from 10 – 14 BILLION CELLS in the average human cerebral cortex….
Most people if not all people walk around with this grey mass on their shoulders but never use it to it’s full potential.
Ideas have hatched from this small grey mass which each one of us possesses and carries around. Ideas like the smart phone you’re using, the airplane you travel in, the pen you’re holding right now, the laptop your sitting at and the mug your’e drinking your favorite coffee from are all ideas, which started from a fantasy!
AND if you will recognize your power as an individual.. and stop acting like those that have never even thought about it…
YOU WILL ACHIEVE GREAT SUCCESS and that’s an absolute guarantee
So what do you think about, What do you REALLY want?
What is your ideal life?
Give your mind the job that you’ve decided to accomplish… and watch it handle it.
Problem is you are a product of other peoples habitual beliefs and way of thinking which has been passed down from generations and so you believe that YOU CAN’T do, become, have what you want and love.
You are programmed to live, think and be a certain way and to change these old beliefs and habits it starts off with changing the ‘Paradigm’ so what are Paradigms and how can they be changed? wait for my next blog I’ll be sharing it with you then.
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