Professional Coaching

Mind Matrixx Coaching offers highly professional coaching and facilitation to individuals, families, and small businesses. We are experts in achieving results in any area of your life both personally and professionally. We work with you towards aspiring you to living your best life by helping you create goals, so that you can breakthrough your limiting beliefs and live a life of financial freedom, which enables you to have, do and become what you want and love.

We help you crystallise your goal and vision, be that a goal of creating more wealth, freedom of time, finding and living your purpose, stepping up on the career ladder, starting or building a business, or finding inner peace and combating anxiety, panic attacks or depression. We have the knowledge, guidance and the expert know how in achieving permanent results fast.

We work with Paradigms which are a multitude of habits that govern every move we make. They govern our communication, our work habits, our successes and our failures. Negative and faulty paradigms are why ninety-seven percent of the population keeps getting the same results, year in and year out.

Using more than 57 years of research, study and direct application, we teach people how to do what Alpa Pandya did: change their paradigm so they can get desirable results and enjoy life more fully.

Each day, we continue to study and to create so we can continue to offer the most practical ways to continue to develop the extraordinary power of the mind.

We believe that, rather than hammering information into our heads, education is becoming aware of and developing what we already have inside.

We substantiate the following words from the remarkable Napoleon Hill.

“An educated person is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialised knowledge.

An educated person is one who has so developed the faculties of the mind that he may acquire anything he wants,

or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.”

Strategy For Sucess

We use an impeccably effective 24-week program called Thinking Into Results. This information has been the catalyst for companies to raise their revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars, for individuals to realise their passions and families to build better relationships. Companies that have benefitted from this information include: Prudential, IBM, Microsoft, Marriott Hotels, RE/MAX, Mercedes Benz, General Electric, Merrill Lynch, Pepsi, Shell Oil, Malaysia Airlines, Visa, American Express, General Motors, AT&T, Hyundai, Kodak, Avis, Jeep, Phillips, Chevron, Holiday Inn, Salvation Army, Anheuser Busch, and many many more.

Experience has shown that real success comes from drawing the unique desires and interests, skills, and talents out of each person by developing the mental faculties. So we concentrate on teaching our clients how the mind really works, and how to expand and develop it to create extraordinary living for themselves and others.

If you want to learn the most effective way of creating wealth and having more money and time freedom then you need to speak to us today. There is a science to getting anything you want, but you must be aware of it, and then learn to apply it in-order to really live the good life!

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