Do you find yourself dragging your heels 4 days of the week and then getting super excited when Friday and the weekend arrive?
Why is it that you don’t feel that way on a Monday or a Thursday? It’s the same 24 hours we have on a Friday that we have any other day of the week!
I’ll tell you why…. Work gets in the way…that’s why…
The average person is pretty much in this situation and gets in a total frenzy about “Friday” because this is when they can relax, let their hair down, party, socialise and be themselves. But wait….understand this…If you’re not excited about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and only get excited about Friday Saturday and Sunday that’s just 12% of your life that you actually like. The rest of your life 88% is dull, drag, boring, and sad!!
I was in this percentage where I only use to look forward to “Friday” and the weekend the rest of my life was where I was just existing!! and not living!!
Living for only 12% of your life is worrying. Don’t get dragged into Friday, Saturday, Sunday mode. Look forward to 100% of your life and the full 365 days of the year. So why don’t you love what you do, then it won’t seem like work it will be just play.
Don’t just look forward to Fridays and get miserable by Sunday make every day be the best day of your life because in reality you are the creator of your life and you also are the destroyer.
Why just get happy about 3 days of the weekend? What about Monday – Thursday?
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