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Courage Conquers Fear

Courage really does conquer fear. I speak to so many people on a daily basis talking to them about their goals and dreams, and then I ask them “So why haven’t you achieved it yet”? and the common answer I get is because of fear and procrastination. This is the no1...

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Belief and Winning

You may have heard in the news recently and it’s been pretty much global. Something BIG in the world of British Football has been kicking off massively and it really has been talk of the nation if not the world. Leicester City Football Club have won the Premiership...

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4 Facts to Change Your Life!

Four Facts to Change Your Life... So here are four inspirational steps you can take and think about right now.. This is the summary of a recipe to success, no matter what your goal is. As a success coach I can advice you this is something which you should ALL start...

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You Are a Product of Other Peoples Way of Thinking!

Did you know that your mind is more powerful than your body? It has been determined that there are from 10 - 14 BILLION CELLS in the average human cerebral cortex…. IT IS INCONCEIVABLE... Most people if not all people walk around with this grey mass on their shoulders...

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3 Steps to Improve Your Self Image

"The Degree to which a person can grow is directionaly proportional to the amount of truth he can accept about himself without running away" ~Leland Van Van De Wall Such truth there is in this great quote. You see it's all to do with your self image and what you truly...

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“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

Whilst I was away in Thailand, I thought about "TIME" and what a good time I was having, but also TIME in the essence of when people say "I don't have enough time"... Well we all get the same amount of time...there is what there is...but it's what we do with our time...

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Paradigm Shift Invite Video From Thailand

I'm excited to invite you to a FREE Paradigm Shifting and Creating Goals of Destiny Strategy Session because it’s about a subject that’s critical for anyone who is interested in achieving more. Now when I say more, I’m talking about every area of life. If you want...

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How to Earn More Money Than Ever Before

If you’re ready to open your consciousness to new ideas about money, here are some key points from the video to pay particular attention to: 7:16 – What The Law of Compensation states and how it works 10:45 – The one thing you should focus on to earn a fortune in your...

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Know Thy Self – The Key to Freedom

If you are held captive by limiting beliefs, you have the power in your hands to set yourself free. Starting today, evaluate your beliefs, problems and thoughts from different perspectives. For example, think about how someone you admire would perceive the situation....

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