You may have heard in the news recently and it’s been pretty much global. Something BIG in the world of British Football has been kicking off massively and it really has been talk of the nation if not the world. Leicester City Football Club have won the Premiership title 2016-2017.
Now I’m passionate about this as this is my home city and this is the City where I live in England, UK.
Leicester became champions of England for the first time in their 132-year history on 2 May when Tottenham failed to beat Chelsea. Now this is a club that has been relegated and never in a month of Sundays would anyone have imagined that they could be in the premiership let alone win the Premiership title.
This all comes down to the power of belief, and team work and team spirit and also having the right coach. Leicester City FC’s success is incredible and it’s because they had a manager and coach who believed in them and their championship title. He was out to prove that his team can win and will win regardless of what other teams or rivals may say or think about him or his team.
And really that’s what it’s about, facing your fear and rising from it. Not letting outside situations or circumstances hinder your motive, your belief.
Success always comes to those that show perseverance, determination, will and a passion to win, together with BELIEF despite all odds.
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Belief and Winning