About Alpa Pandya

Alpa Pandya is the Founder of Mind Matrixx Coaching, and among Bob Proctor’s top seven coaching consultants in the world.

Alpa is a Business Mindset and Lifestyle Expert and the founder of Mind Matrixx Coaching . She is the very first in England (UK) to be certified as a consultant by Bob Proctor & the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Alpa has quickly risen to be one of Bob Proctor’s top 7 consultants in the world and she has helped changed the lives of hundreds worldwide and continues to do so through her coaching and mentoring.

“My mission is clear: to get this transformational information out

to as many people as I can and to help them get on the path to real success”.

Working within the Proctor Gallagher Institute as a Consultant, Alpa is an expert in her field as a Business Mindset & Wealth Creation Coach. Alpa works with individuals and professionals coaching them the techniques in how to create wealth and how to be successful at achieving goals by setting the right type of goals. Alpa has found that most people are setting themselves the wrong goals, which is why they are not getting the results they want. Alpa has been personally trained and coached by her mentor Bob Proctor, and she now facilitates to clients all over the World helping individuals and companies achieve quantum-leap results 100% of the time.

She has coached singers/songwriters, musicians, from new business startups, to small businesses, housewives, doctors, to lawyers and help desk analysts, all whom have achieved huge success through her coaching and mentoring.

Radio Career

Alpa is also a well known UK Radio Presenter, her radio career has spanned for over 23 years and she has quickly become a household name, especially within her home city of Leicester. Alpa was working within the BBC where she hosted her own weekly Sunday night show which broadcasted not only in the UK but all over the world through various mediums. On October 30th 2016 Alpa decided to leave the BBC Asian Network because she says “I want to concentrate fully on growing my businesses aswell as focus on helping and coaching more people, so that they to can benefit from this transformational material just like I have…I love what I do and I want people to start loving what they do, and to love how they spend their days”

Personal Development Background

She has been following big names in the personal development industry for over 10 years and she has signed up for many online programs, read numerous self help books and listened to timeless mp3’s in how to achieve success and create wealth but nothing seemed to be working for Alpa. Not because the information was wrong but because Alpa wasn’t applying it the way it is supposed to be applied. She kept going back to her old ways of thinking which produced the same results for her. Alpa wasn’t seeing BIG results in her life until she discovered ‘The Secret’ and the teachings of Bob Proctor in 2014 and this is when her life began to change. She used the Law of attraction and manifested her way to meeting and working with Bob Proctor.

Alpa has been through the process of shifting her paradigm and she has gained huge success in her personal and business life, but it wasn’t always like this. She has had her fair share of struggles and she has hit rock bottom financially too. Before getting into any of this material Alpa was holding down two jobs, not only was she presenting on radio but she was also working as a call centre advisor for British Telecom. Alpa quit her full-time call centre job in March 2014. She had been working in this job for 14 long years.  It was a job she only did out of complaceny, a job she felt she had to do because it paid her good money, and the thought of leaving BT left her thinking how would she pay for her financial commitments.  Alpa couldn’t see a way out, however after implementing some of the techniques and strategies (which Alpa now teaches), and by making a decision to quit her call centre job, she has increased her income by 65% within 2 years and has since never looked back.

Alpa Pandya coachingLike most people Alpa wanted time and money freedom. She wanted to travel the World as travelling is one of Alpa’s biggest life passions. Alpa now travels multiple times a year to different countries and loves being able to have the time to do this and coach her clients at the same time.

Through studying this material and knowing how to apply it, Alpa has set up three on-line businesses and she is now wealthier, healthier and happier all because of understanding how to reprogram her sub-concious mind and by mastering the teachings of 500 of the most succesful people that have ever lived.

This material has had a phenomenal impact on Alpa’s life and her thinking. Alpa is living her life the way it truly should be lived. She is living her dream and she is helping others globally realise their true potential and transforming their lives. Alpa has learnt that to change her outside results she needs to change her inner world. “There’s no secret to success, but there is a science behind it”

~ Alpa Pandya

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bob proctor coachBob Proctor is a best selling author, mentor, entrepreneur, business coach and a legendary and highly respected figure in the personal development industry.

He has mentored and coached millions of people worldwide for over 54 years. He himself comes from a rich lineage of successful experts which began with Andrew Carnegie the first billionaire magnate of the American Steel industry who passed on his knowledge to Napoleon Hill an American journalist and author of the infamous and best selling personal development book to date ‘Think & Grow Rich’ who then mentored Earl Nightingale the most sought after voice in the American Broadcasting Corporation who went on to create the personal development industry with his business partner Lloyd Conant. It was through Earl and Lloyds mentoring that Bob Proctor took his step into the self development world and began his own training programs and teachings.

Bob Proctor is the master in human potential and the power of the mind. He has been featured in the hit run-away movie ‘The Secret’, Larry King Live, Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CBS, NBC, and ABC and more recently in ‘The Cure Is’ together with ‘The Abundance Factor’ Today Bob Proctor is the longest standing figure still teaching his priceless material to people all over the world and dramatically changing lives of corporates, businesses, and individuals. And now Bob Proctor has taken on Alpa Pandya under his wing and she teaches this very material to people all over the world through her coaching. Together they help people achieve results that stick!