“The Degree to which a person can grow is directionaly proportional to the amount of truth he can accept about himself without running away”
~Leland Van Van De Wall
Such truth there is in this great quote. You see it’s all to do with your self image and what you truly believe of yourself on a deep rooted level. As Maxwell Maltz put it “you can never outperform your self image”
We have an inner image and an outer image and whatever we think about ourselves in our inner image, that is what we are portraying in our outer image and to the outside world by the outer expression.
You have programmed into the deep recess of your mind a perception of what you are, who you are and what you are worth. This is your inner self image. It literally is a control mechanism that determines what comes into your life and how well you do.
Question: What are you putting out and projecting to the world?
You see your results are always a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. If you don’t like what’s coming back, you better check what your putting out!
Here’s a good exercise to discover if you have a good self image.

Step 1.

Ask yourself what are the inner dialogues you are having? Is your self image limited thinking or is it empowering?

Step 2.

Imagine your life is a movie that is being played out? In many ways your life is like a movie. You are the director, the producer, the casting agent and the executive producer as well as the financier.

Step 3.

Write your movie out the way you exactly would like it to be. See yourself as the person you want to become. Be as descriptive as possible and then close your eyes, totally relax and project the new you onto the screen of your mind and begin to see yourself as if you literally become that person. Embrace this self image and begin to imprint it onto your sub-concious. Do this for 30 days continually and see the magic unfold.

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